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What Is Pro Magic Live?
Pro Magic Live is an online training centre where you’ll learn the same effects used by the pros. Tricks that Jay Jay, other professional magicians and even those on TV use in their professional repertoire. These effects work in all situations and are guaranteed to get amazing reactions from spectators every single time. When you sign up today you'll become an official member and get access to our members area where you can watch or download all of our videos. 
What Exactly Do I Get Today and Each Month After?
When you sign up today you'll receive 4 free videos as featured on our "What You Get Today" page. If you decide to stay after 30 days you'll get one instructional magic trick (filmed in HD) every single month until you cancel. And you can cancel at anytime guaranteed. Each video is high quality and comes with a live/studio performance of the effect, step by step explanations and extra tips. We provide the same or better quality videos compared to our competitors. 
Who Is The Performer and Teacher?
Inside Pro Magic Live you'll learn from the #1 magic teacher online with over 100,000,000 youtube views on his YouTube channel Free Magic Live. Not only that but Jay Jay is also one of Australia's top performing magicians who's worked professionally all over the world for the last 10 years. With so much experience you're in good hands. 
What's the Difference between Free Magic Live and Pro Magic Live?
There is a big difference between the two. Free Magic Live is Jay Jay's main YouTube channel. On it he teaches simple and fun magic tricks especially created for the absolute beginner or novice magician. Pro Magic Live on the other hand was created to teach more advanced effects and nicer routines that he mostly uses in his professional repertoire. It's the GOOD stuff. The tricks you will learn inside Pro Magic Live such as Rip and Restored, Influence and more are performed by pros all over the world. There are hundreds of tricks available but these are the ones that we think are worth performing. That's the difference. 
Is this for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced?
This is primarily for the intermediate to advanced, however it is a great place to start as a beginner. The effects taught within Pro Magic Live are ones you would keep in your repertoire and use over and over again. Why learn bad magic tricks when you could be learning the best.

How Do I Receive My Tricks?
When you sign up free today you'll registered an account with us and get access to our exclusive members area where you're videos will be stored in streaming and downloadable format. Each month we'll update your members area with the latest video and also send you an email with the link. 
How Will I Be Able to View Each Video?
In your members area you'll be able to watch each video streaming on your pc, tablet or smartphone. You'll also have the option to download each video in either HD or SD format so you can watch it anytime without an internet connection.
What are the Benefits of Streaming and Instant Download?
Fast Delivery
Depending on your computer, the download may take anywhere from 5 mins to 30 mins. So instead of having to wait days and days for your DVD, you will get it straight away.

Low Cost
Because there's no hard disk, case or shipping - it means that you get it at a lower cost than if you were to purchase the same video on DVD. Lowering the costs for production also allows for a higher quality video.

Instant Viewing
Watch this the same day you buy it. No waiting, no shipping or delivery hassle. It's instant.
Why Is The Price So Low?
We believe in sharing the effects within Pro Magic Live at a fair price. We’ve seen a lot magic through the years and always remain competitive so you have more choice in what you buy. Being an online membership website we can afford to lower our costs so you benefit. We think it’s a fair price and if you have a look around you’ll probably think the same. 
Will I Need To Buy Extra Props To Learn these Tricks?
Sometimes. But these are only very small items such as cards, sponge balls etc Most of the props you’ll already have. We don’t use big stage items or anything impractical. We like to keep it as easy as possible for you and teach magic that you can perform almost anywhere.

Are these Tricks Really Used Professionally?
Yes. These tricks have been used by Jay Jay for 10 Years and other professional magicians all over the world. When you’ve learn’t magic for that long you only keep the best tricks around and this is that repertoire. It’s all incredible magic.
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